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  • Joshua Craig

Album review “Mental Illness” by Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann is an undeniably skilled songwriter who manages to conjure up vivid images of emotion and tell riveting stories through her song writing. Her 2017 album “Mental Illness” is no different as Mann takes us an emotional roller coaster with this album. “Mental Illness” is perfect listening when locking oneself in a spare room or the bathroom when the weight of social gathering gets too much, something that happens even to the best of us. Aimee Mann’s lyricism chronicles life’s disappointments and downers in an intricate, masterful way. Underpinning Mann’s vocals is predominant acoustic guitar work, muted percussion with occasionally piano all accompanied with a lush string score. This album feels different to the other albums I’ve written about. It’s more of a comfort, than outright enjoyment, like an understanding friend who understands your troubles and failings.

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